Photo by Kristen Greco

Here’s a smattering of websites that primarily specialize in more unusual, more experimental and harder to find music (in no particular order.)  I offer them not only for fun and education, but to indicate the context I worked in.
Burning Ambulance: a journal of arts and culture, featuring in-depth articles and profiles of musicians, writers and other artists

Many Many Women: an index of over 1,000 composers, improvisers, and sonic artists

UbuWeb:  a very deep and wide global collection, not only of sound but video, poetry and more

CDBaby:  a strong champion for independent recordings and musicians

Hat Hut:  a Swiss label concentrating on adventurous contemporary classical and jazz music

All Music Guide: this particular page lists all kinds of "moods" – an interesting study in classification, and a telling window into the music market... this is also a great website for general information and reviews about recorded music.

Roulette: very respected and veteran new music venue/organization in NYC - this page has a list of listenable/watchable links to artists’ performances at Roulette over the years...when you click on a year or an artist, you get a page where, if you see an icon at the right that looks like an ear, you can click on that and listen to a recording of that show

Touch Records: beautiful website, very interesting new music, often electronic - on this page, if you click on a particular edition of their "touch radio" (featuring a particular artist), it takes you to that page, with info about the work of the artist... and you can listen to their music

Deep Listening: organization and label started by composer Pauline Oliveros

Downtown Music Gallery: in NYC, these people are hardcore aficionados, dedicated sellers of unusual music from everywhere, particularly radical sometimes - no listening here that I know of, but lots of mentions of interesting artists with reviews, links to information, good music labels, categories, and clues to lifetimes'-worth of wild listening experiences...good place for research, looking for leads, following them out, etc.

Other Music: also in NYC, another site like DMG above, dedicated to interesting and cutting edge music from many genres - you can listen here... great for browsing

Mode Records: excellent new music site, more limited range of styles, leaning toward contemporary classical and more "serious" new jazz – exceptional roster of composers represented

Lovely Music: another wonderful collection of artists, including Alvin Lucier

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