Excerpt from “Glimpse 3” project performance installation at Founders Theater, Seattle, December 2016, with Nancy Stark Smith (director/dancer) and dancers Katherine Cook, Brandin Steffensen, Ronja Ver, Jun Akiyama, Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot, Yeong Wen Lee, Blake Nellis, Rachael Lincoln, Anne Cooper, Anya Cloud and Karen Schaffman.

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Piano solo at ImpulsTanz festival, Vienna, July 2016: “Stripes 7-10: Treading, Varying Speeds”, played at the beginning of a longer piece entitled “Surfers of the Glebe”, a dance and music collaboration with dancers Ray Chung, Andrew de Lotbiniere Harwood, Nita Little and Nancy Stark Smith presented at the ImpulsTanz festival.

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Piano solo, the beginning of “Figment” w/Andrew Harwood/ Ray Chung/Nancy Stark Smith, live at the Warsaw Flow Festival, summer 2014

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July 31st, 2013: "Rapt in Awe", based on the idea of combining the music of Morton Feldman with Afro-Cuban batá style drumming. played by (left to right) Peter Jones, Terrence Karn, Mike Vargas, Carl Landa, Shamou, Jesse Manno, Rob Flax and Albert Mathias, at the Bates Dance Festival Musicians Concert.

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Trailer for Bates Musicians’ Concert, August 2015 (featuring glimpse of new MV solo piece, “A, B”)

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"enthusiasm: exertion" (no caps), live at the Bates Dance Festival, August 2006

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"Water Light" (no sound), 2011

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"Curiosity is Gravity" (solo concert) April 12, 2012 at Helen Hills Hills Chapel at Smith College, Northampton, MA, as part of Gregory Brown's concert series, "Sound and Space"

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1. Fort When 0:55
2. Stripes 21:37
3. Zones with Trunk 6:10
4. enthusiasm: exertion 5:40
5. Curiosity is Gravity 10:46
6. The Wind 8:49
7. With 5:29
8. What is an Open Mind? 5:00
9. Bourdon 4:05

Excerpt from a performance with Chris Aiken and Ray Chung at Movement Research/Judson Church February 2013

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Performance at iDance in Taipei, December 2013 with Nancy Stark Smith and Yeong Wen Lee

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Performance with Nancy Stark Smith and Charlie Morrissey in Moscow, 2010.

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